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8 talks on the importance of listening, and how to do a much better job of it

I not stop watching to this fantastic guy…Bill Gate must watch this!!!

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Ernesto Sirolli learned a big lesson, thanks to a group of hippos.

In this hilarious talk from TEDxEQChCh, economic development expert Ernesto Sirolli recalls spending 1971 to 1977 in Africa working for an Italian NGO. The experience was a comedy of errors.

“Every single project we set up in Africa failed,” says Sirolli. “I was distraught. I thought — age 21 — that we Italians were good people and we were doing good work in Africa. Instead, everything we touched, we killed.”

Sirolli’s first project in Africa was teaching people in Zambia how to grow tomatoes, zucchini and other Italian favorites. He shares, “Instead of asking them why they were not growing anything, we simply said, ‘Thank God we’re here.’”

Sirolli and his fellow aid workers were thrilled to see the crops grow remarkably well. But, as harvesting time approached, they watched in horror as 200 hippos stormed out…

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