Life in Ethiopia


OromoGirlIf you were an ordinary person in Ethiopia, what would life be like? Ethiopia has towns and even big cities, but most live in the country – and most are also Christian – so I take that point of view in what follows:

Work: Men farm, women cook, keep their children clean and looking nice, pound grain into flour and look for cow dung and wood for the family fire. Older girls look after children, older boys look after sheep. Most families  have about a hectare of land (less than three acres). All water has to be carried back from the nearby well, something that falls to women or children.

Work hours: Men work 80 hours a week, women 126 hours. You are supposed to take Saturdays and Sundays off, but how many do?

Pay: $123 a year (in 1998. That comes to 3 crowns a month, which is…

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